BAP Conference

Hosted by Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum

7th to 8th September 2018

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BAP Awards

If you would like to nominate a BAP member for one of the awards below then contact the BAP council.

The Undine Concannon Award for Organisational Achievement

For someone who has shown great organisational powers (going beyond personal or business interests), to organise something for the good of the BAP community and planetaria as a whole.

Previous recipients of this award include:
Shaaron Leverment for creating the BAP website (1999)
Mario Di Maggio for launching the Scottish Power Space Theatre at the new Glasgow Science Centre (2003).
Noel Jackson for sole organisation at last minute of BAP 2008 (unsurprisingly, in 2008).
Gill Russell for her continuing work on the BAP moon calendars (2009).
Shaaron Leverment for putting together the Tim Peake Planetarium content for use by all BAP members (2016).

The Terence Murtagh Award for Technical Achievement

For someone who has shown great technical powers (going beyond personal or business interests), to create something for the good of the BAP community and planetaria as a whole.

Previous recipients of this award include:
Ray Worthy for innovative development and production of mobile domes (2003), upgraded to Lifetime Achievement award (2009).
Colin Hutcheson for his work in support and development for both the old and the new website (2016)

The Ray Worthy Lifetime Achievement Award

For someone who has dedicated a significant proportion of their time to the advancement of the planetarium field or its community and who’s work benefits current and future BAP members.

Previous recipients of this award:
Paul England (2016)


BAP AGM (2016)

Information concerning the Annual General Meeting for The British Association of Planetaria will be posted here in due course.

The meeting will be held in the afternoon of Saturday 24th September during our annual conference hosted this year by At-Bristol.

AGM Agenda

1. Apologies

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

3. Matters Arising from Previous Meeting

4. Reports
4.1 President’s Report (Mark Watson)
4.2 Treasurer’s Report (Tom Kerss)
4.3 Secretary’s Report (Matina Payton)
4.4 IPS Rep’s Report (Mark Watson)

5. Matters Arising for the coming year
5.1 IPS meeting 2017
5.2 Changes to membership levels (addition of post conference membership level)
5.3 Approval for Council to change banks for the BAP accounts
5.4 Continued additions to website

6. Election of Officers
6.1 President (MW constitutionally expected to serve third term)
6.2 Treasurer (TK expected to step down)
6.3 Secretary (MP expected to serve third term)
6.4 Web Admin (CH expected to serve fifth term)
6.5 IPS Rep (MW Expected to serve third term)

7. Awards
7.1 Approval to changes of physical award
7.2 Creation of a new award level, The Ray Worthy Award for Lifetime Achievement
7.3 Announcement and vote of nominations

8. Date and Venue of next meeting

9. AOB