About BAP

BAP promotes planetaria as a powerful means of inspiring interest and increasing understanding of space and the sky at night.

This website aims to provide a directory of member planetaria across the United Kingdom and Ireland. A planetarium featured on this site may be a huge star theatre with seating for over 100 visitors, or a small mobile dome catering for audiences of 20-30 that can bring the awe and wonder of the night’s sky to your own venue. All share the common goal of providing interesting, educational and entertaining shows to schools, groups and members of the public.

As an organisation we are a friendly and supportive group of planetarium professionals. We keep up-to-date with advances in astronomy and planetarium technologies through regular communication and annual meetings where we can share our knowledge, skills and experiences.

Members of the BAP Council

Steve Gray
BAP President
Cosmos Planetarium, Scotland

Josh Barker
BAP Secretary & Membership
National Space Centre, Leicester

Sinead Mackle
BAP Equity, Diversity and Inclusion officer
Armagh Planetarium, Armagh

Nigel Betts
BAP Treasurer
Mark Rutherford School, Bedford

Nina Cameron
BAP Past President
Glasgow Science Centre and Planetarium, Glasgow

Colin Hutcheson
BAP Web Admin
Thinktank, Birmingham Museums, Birmingham

Honorary members of BAP

The following people have contributed to BAP over many years, their efforts being of great benefit to our members:

  • John Brown (Hon President - Past) (1947-2019)
  • Undine Concannon
  • Paul England
  • Teresa Grafton
  • Eva Hans
  • Chris Lintott (Hon President)
  • Terence Murtagh
  • Ray Worthy (1932-2016)

Awards to BAP Members

The following people have contributed to BAP going beyond personal or business interests:

Ray Worthy Lifetime Achievement Award
To recognise sustained, exceptional and/or significant contributions over an extended period of time to the BAP Community and planetaria as a whole.

  • Paul England (2016)
  • Shaaron Leverment (2022)

The Undine Concannon Award for Organisational Achievement
For showing great organisational powers, going beyond personal or business interests, to organise something for the good of the BAP community and planetaria as a whole.

  • Mario Di Maggio (2003)
  • Shaaron Leverment (2006 & 2016)
  • Noel Jackson (2008)
  • Gill Russell (2009)
  • Steve Gray (2021)
The Terence Murtagh award for Technical Achievement
For showing great technical powers, going beyond personal or business interests, to develop something for the good 
of the BAP community and planetaria as a whole.
  • Ray Worthy (2007) Upgraded to Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Colin Hutcheson (2016)

Special Contribution
As an acknowlegement of their work within the British Association of Planetaria and the wider BAP Community

  • Glenn Smith (2012)
  • Dave Eagle (2020)
  • Melanie Davies (2021)
  • Ruth Coalson (2022)

The John Brown award for Art and Science in the Dome

For bringing together art and science in unique and immersive ways, building lasting collaborations with artists, musicians, poets and alike. Going beyond personal or business interests to develop something for the good of the BAP community and planetaria as a whole.

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