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By Alprazolam Online - Buy Alprazolam From Canada

If you’re interested in setting up a planetarium or you’re associated with a planetarium in the UK or Ireland which isn’t currently a member of the BAP, then why not join us?

Joining the BAP is a straightforward process. Annual membership costs £40 for individuals and £100 for Organisations, payable by cheque, BACS, or directly on the website via PayPal.


Benefits of membership:

  • Inclusion of your planetarium or astronomy-related resource in the BAP website (
  • Increased visibility of your organisation through active promotion and advertising of the BAP
  • Access to the BAP members’ area of the website which offers additional resources and includes the facility to update your planetarium details as displayed on this website
  • Free entry for planetarium professionals to many of the larger BAP planetaria thus encouraging visits between professionals (venue must be notified in advance)
  • Benefits of sponsorship from BAP vendors
  • Easy and direct access to a large network of planetarium professionals
  • Representation at the International Planetarium Society (IPS) through affiliate membership of the BAP
  • 200 Free Moon calendars to distribute how you wish e.g. schools or visiting groups as an educational astronomy resource
  • Participation in annual BAP meetings and events


By Alprazolam Online - Buy Alprazolam From Canada

I never appreciated the invaluable support that BAP provides… It makes a real difference to be able to meet up with like-minded individuals all tackling the same sort of issues.

After attending the BAP meeting over the past two days I have to say it was a truly brilliant meeting… one of the best meetings I’ve been to ever!

The organisation was most impressive as was the programme and I can’t believe anyone went away disappointed.

I really hope I will be able to attend the BAP conference in the future and it would be really nice to meet up with some of the people who befriended me and made me feel really welcome.