The Black Hole (Mobile Planetarium)


7 Rugby Road
Leamington Spa
CV32 7HZ

Contact: Mark Allen

Key features

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Opening Times

The planetarium is an inflatable hemisphere which can comfortably accommodate a class of up to 35 children + 2 or 3 staff and myself. The dome is 5.6m in diameter and requires 3.4m headroom at the apex - the headroom must be clear of any downstands such as lights or projection equipment (see photo left). A clean floor and a single 13A electrical socket outlet are also required. Set-up generally requires 45 minutes (30 minutes can be done if time is limited). Deflation takes seconds and total clearance of the Hall takes 25 minutes. If necessary, the dome can be removed over lunch and set up again afterwards. Entry is via a zipped opening but, in the unlikely event of an emergency, as the dome has no 'floor', exit can be effected by lifting the fabric wall. The fabric is flame-retardant and certified to pass the flammability requirements of the relevant British Standards.