Polestar Planetarium An exciting exploration of the Cosmos presented by a qualified teacher


Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Contact: Richard Lake

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Our large dome, advanced projection equipment and experienced presenter create a unique and awe inspiring experience that captivates all from the very young to the not so very young. Our aim is to make learning about Space interesting and fun! The planetarium is an inflatable dome. It is the largest in Northern Britain (7m / 23' in diameter by 4m/ 14’ high) but still fits into most school halls. The dome is capable of holding up to 70 children and supervising adults (normally 2 classes). Specialist projectors are used to create 360 degree, hemispherical images and movies of other worlds and of the night sky. Material from NASA and the National Space Centre is used extensively and the experience is further enhanced by music. Please keep in mind that the greater the number of classes the better the cost per head and the further we can travel. It is quite possible to cover 6 classes in a generous length sessions in a morning or up to 12 classes in a day, offering an outstanding price per head and a high quality alternative to a school trip.