Astronomy Roadshow Mobile Planetarium


North Star House
92 North Street
ME10 2HH

Contact: Mrs Amanda Bassett
01795 420372 or 07779 411939

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Opening Times

Office open from 9am to 5pm for telephone calls

We can incorporate other subjects in our shows such as the Greeks, Light, Shadows & Sound, Exploration of Earth, Climate Change, WWII, Dinosaurs, Moon Landing Hoax, Atomic Physics, Science Fiction, UFOs or any other angle you may suggest. Over 100GB of material is available as well as models, display boards, geology samples & meteorites for the shows. A new set of projectors include Noctilucent Clouds, Rainbows, Inside a Nebula, a spinning Black Hole, Northern Lights, rotating star clusters, thunder storms, and even a Firework Display. We do not do rides, but instead give lively, interactive, scientifically accurate but entertaining lectures only. As the system is a unique set of adapted projectors, this means our shows are unique too; ie - not imported films. The whole system can be set up in 20 mins and packed away in 12mins. We also carry numerous spare parts. Anything man-made can fail.