Keele Stardome Bringing the cosmos to life!


Keele Sustainability Hub
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Contact: Scott Walker

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Opening Times

08:30 - 17:00
Willing to accommodate evening sessions if required.

The Keele University Stardome is a portable, inflatable 6m diameter planetarium that can be brought into your school and can accommodate a whole class. We prefer to deliver to multiple classes during a school day, work to your timetable, and can offer expertly delivered sessions for all ages, ranging from general space and astronomy, phases of the moon, constellations etc. to more advanced topics such as stellar evolution, cosmology, exoplanets and the search for life, that will enthuse children and address topics in the national curriculum. Run in conjunction with the Keele University Astrophysics Group and with support from the the Science and Technology Facilities Council and the Ogden Trust, the Keele University Stardome won the 2015 Times Higher Education Award for "Widening Participation or Outreach Initiative of the Year" and has presented shows to more than 20,000 children in the last 4 years.